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Heritage Pointe Pure Honey

2oz Travel Bear

2oz Travel Bear

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2oz Orange Blossom Honey

Our most popular Lee County, Florida honey with hives  currently producing in Immokalee. Orange Blossom is a very bright traditional tasting honey. Great in a variety of applications such as smoothies and cooking.

2oz Seasonal and Wildflower Honeys

Using honey not just for taste, but to also help with seasonal allergies? Look no further! We produce 3 seasons of local, Lee County Wildflower Honey (Spring, Summer and Fall). When you are looking for pure, raw, local honey this is it for our SWFL residents and visitors. Our most popular for combating seasonal allergies. Primary plants pollinated in our wildflower are Brazilian Pepper and Melaleuca. Both invasive species and like weeds to get rid of in our area, causing many grief with the drippy stuffy noses.

2oz Palmetto

A mild caramelly honey, great in teas, coffees and baking. Also touted for additional health benefits such as inflammation and digestion. See more about Saw Palmetto

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